Dear Gaetz Kiddie Kare:

I just wanted to thank you for giving my son such a wonderful experience over the past year. He first started as a shy toddler but has since turned into a confident preschooler. I have been delighted to hear him singing the alphabet song at home or in the car. I have been impressed that he has learned to recognize many letters of the alphabet and even some of the sounds, although he is only three years old. He loves to count things around the house. He especially seems to enjoy the songs he has learned. He can sing several that I never learned myself and especially enjoys acting them out at home for his family.

Although I have been impressed with how much he has learned while attending, as a mother, I have been most comforted by the fact that he seems to enjoy his surroundings. I can drop him off and not worry about him all day. He talks of his teachers and several of the other friends he has made at the daycare, so I know he feels comfortable there, that it truly has become a home-away-from-home for him. Not only have I been pleased with how comfortable Eric is at the daycare, I have loved the convenience – walking distance from my office at St. Cloud State University!

 I have been delighted with my overall experience, so much so that I wanted to pass that on to you. The people we have encountered have all been professional. The director has been wonderful in answering all my questions and making me feel warmly welcomed. I have been impressed with the detailed daily schedule ad monthly calendar of events – including occasional field trips! It has been a wonderful experience for both me and my son. I have had experience with other day cares in other places, and this has been our most wonderful experience to date.


 Melissa W.