To whom it may concern,
Now that my family has relocated and have the experience of other daycares to compare, I wanted to write and hopefully give a great reference and thanks to all the hardworking, amazing people at Gaetz Kiddie Kove.
My son started at the "Kove" when he was 9 months old. Being the first time he was in daycare, I was a little nervous and completely unorganized. They took him in, gave him a schedule and a 2nd home. They taught him sign language, encouraged him when he started to walk and eventually transitioned him to the older kids room at 16 months. They took in stride the fact he could literally climb up the walls and kept him safe. He'd come home talking Spanish, signing his colors, and counting to 12. It was amazing at the knowledge spewing out every day when he came home, and how happy he was when he learned "el Caballo". He was always happy and often asked to go there on the weekends, which broke my heart he love them more, but it was always nice he felt like home there.
My 2nd baby joined in when he was 3ish months old too and he was also a happy baby there. My husband and I worked full-time, stressful jobs and these people never made me feel like a bad mom when I would constantly forget diapers, wipes, and other essentials - they just started to ask for them a week sooner than normal :). They cared about our jobs and daily life, which made them more in tune with our children's needs. My son absolutely misses it there, and so do we.
Thank you for helping me raise my little animal.
Jamie, Matt, Mason and Max L.