I would like to commend all of you at Gaetz for being the most understanding, sympathetic, and considerate group that I have had the pleasure of entrusting my child to. It's very evident to me that you truly care about the children there, and are doing a great job of guiding them into the real world. Your staff is understanding, and more importantly supportive and compassionate in regards to Layla and her development. Whenever there has been an issue with her behavior, I've been notified, and informed of what course of action is being imlemented to resolve them. Significantly better than the "fix it, it's your problem" that I've received in the past. Layla is leaps and hounds ahead of where we started and I have you to thank. I would recommend your center to anyone looking for quality child care, and I consider myself and my family lucky to have found you. On behalf of all of us, thank you.

Jon K.