I have been with Gaetz Kiddie Kare since 2004. Both of my children started out in the infant room and one has already graduated from the Preschool program. My second will be following the same path in a few more years.

The staff at Gaetz has always been very supportive of my children. I trust them and their decision making. I have even gone to them for advice. They have taken the time to really get to know my kids and take an active interest in their lives. My daughter calls day care home sometimes. That makes me feel confident that she enjoys her time there and feels comfortable. She has built positive relationships with the staff and other friends in her same age group.

The curriculum that is used to help prepare the Preschoolers for Kindergarten is awesome. When my oldest son started Kindergarten he was more than prepared for what was being taught. One of my most proud mommy moments was at his first parent teacher conference. His teacher asked me what Preschool he went to because he was advanced for his age. His reading skill set was that of a student in 1st grade and his math skills were also advanced. When I shared this with his Preschool teacher she was very excited as well.

Of all the things that Gaetz Kiddie Kare has to offer, my favorite is the stability and structure. The kids know what to expect and when to expect it. Now of course, daycare is not all work and no play. My daughter loves to tell me on the way home each day all the different games that she got to play and all the different princesses that she got to dress up as. She also gets very excited about the small rewards that are used as incentives at times to help motivate the kids to clean up. There have been many times I have walked through the door to pick her up and she has a sticker on her forehead for being a good helper that day.

There are also field trips that the kids get very excited about and even I get excited about them. They are always very fun to chaperone. The kids have gone to the grocery store for a tour, a local restaurant, the library and even the zoo and the apple orchard. My son, who is now in 2nd grade, still talks about the field trips and how much fun he had.

I would definitely recommend Gaetz Kiddie Kare to anyone that is looking for affordable, quality child care for their child. I don’t just consider them my child day care; they are kind of like family. I will be very sad when my youngest graduates.

Christine B.